Searching for a Vessel?


Shipbroking for Buyers and Sellers

Nordic Yacht and Ship Service offers complete shipbroking solutions for buyers and sellers of both commercial vessels and yachts. 
We have long experience in the maritime field and know the conditions of the demanding market for shipowners.  Therefor we are able to provide a dynamic S n P solution to suite your needs in any state of purchase or sell process.

Contact us for more advices regarding buying a vessel and what should you determine before finalising any purchase, contract signing, payment of deposit or delivery and handover. 

Remember that there is always the Seller’s broker and the Buyer’s broker – and that they do have different interests.

Contact us for personal asistance 

We have good knowlage of the market situation around the world and work tight with other brokers – So, if you’re looking for a specific vessel type with specific demands, let us know. We are able to give you a list of suitable vessels within your budget, size, capacity and/or other demands. 

It’s important to have the right contract forms when buying a vessel to ensure every aspect is covered in the final agreement between the Buyer and Seller. To ensure this we help you draw up contracts using BIMCO standard agreements. These covers all between chartering to purchase of a vessel including world wide accepted Bill of Sale’s.

We also help you out with Inspections onboard, Sea trails, Classification and Documentation advices, Transport sailings … you name it, we do it.  

What do we gain?

We work on a fixed pre-agreed cost table when working for the Buyer.
This to ensure Your interests in the purchase process of a vessel. 

– Investigation/Office work: 55 €/hrs *
– Survey work: 85 €/hrs or 390 €/day + travel related costs.
– Written survey report: 400 €

VAT 0%
*) Minimum 10 hrs